Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are your services?

A: Sunday at 11AM and Wednesday at 7PM

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: We recommend 15 minutes early and we will have coffee, tea, and snacks for you.

Q: Do you have a nursery?

A: Yes, for newborns to 3 years.

Q: Do you have a children’s ministry?

A: Not yet, all children participate in the worship service and are given a children’s lesson worksheet that ties to the lesson to help them follow along. 

Q: I’m not sure my children can make it an hour in service, can I watch the service from another room?

A: Yes, we have an overflow room with live streaming video and audio.

Q: Do you have a teen ministry?

A: Our teen ministry will begin within a few months, we are still searching for the right leadership team.

Q:  What should I wear?

A: We want you feel comfortable while you are at HOPE, some people may choose to wear their Sunday best and others may come more casual, all are welcome. The focus of our ministry is not on your outward appearance. We are here to minister to your hearts.

Q: What kind of music will I hear and sing?

A: Music is a big part of ministry and worship. At HOPE every song will have lyrics that honor and exalt the Lord God, this includes a variety of traditional hymns, Southern Gospel, and contemporary Christian music.

Q: How long is each service?

A: Approximately one hour

Q: What if I don’t have a Bible?

A: Don’t worry, someone will share with you and we have extras in the pews. Please let us know if you would like help choosing a good study Bible.

Q: What Bible do you use?

A: King James Version