College Care Ministry

Our church has three college students who are freshman this year and we would like to show them that HOPE Baptist loves them and prays for them. Every month you can be involved in our shoebox College Care Package ministry. You can bring a note, a card, or a small gift to add to the boxes. Boxes are mailed on the last Friday of every month.

Students names, schools, and “likes” for ideas.

  • Autumn Richard, Anderson University – gummy bear/worms, pepper jelly & crackers, chips (no Pringles), Zaxby’s gift cards

  • Carly Elsasser, UNC- Wilmington – paint, paint brushes, canvases or canvas paper, string to make bracelets, extra cheddar Goldfish, white airheads, mystery push pops, boxed Mac-n-Cheese

  • Riley Goodson, Anderson University – art supplies (charcoal pencils, erasers, white acrylic paint), butterscotch hard candy, Reese peanut butter cups, pepper jelly & crackers, hard granola bars, brown sugar & cinnamon pop-tarts

See Candra Stryon for more information.

Thank you for being involved, please pray for these girls daily.