As Solomon closes his prayer, the power of God in the form of fire comes down from Heaven and consumes the sacrifices in the temple. In fact the presence of the Lord is so overwhelming that the priests can’t even enter the temple at all. The Israelites are gathered aroundContinue Reading

The lineage of the priests and Levites is listed for us here in chapter 6. This genealogy is extremely important as the standing of these men of God and their service were directly related to their ancestral record. It was by birthright that the office of the priest was filled.Continue Reading

This opening chapter gives us a genealogy starting with Adam and following many of his descendants through time. We see Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and many more as the foundation of God’s faithfulness is established. These precise genealogies are intended to not only track specific lineages, but also display theContinue Reading

Jehoiakim is king of Judah as things spiral down towards God’s judgement. The nation is weak and sin-sick under his leadership. Now Nebuchadnezzer the king of Babylon has his sites on Judah, because it is a strategic location against Egypt and Assyria. In 605 b.c. he invades Jerusalem and takesContinue Reading

Leadership in Israel is about to shift. At this time we have the remnants of Ahab’s kingdom still ruling. Jezebel still has great influence as her son Joram is king of Israel and Ahaziah Ahab’s grandson is king over Judah. Both of these men are wicked and live contrary toContinue Reading

When we left Samaria in chapter 6 there was incredible need in the city. The Syrian siege of the city had caused citywide starvation and panic. So in the midst of this, Elisha the prophet is told by God that by the next day food would be abundant. When heContinue Reading

Through the works of God and the boldness of Elisha the number of those training for the ministry is exploding. So much so that they along with Elisha move to another area to build larger dwellings. While chopping down trees an ax head flies off and sinks into a poolContinue Reading

In Syria there is a great military leader named Naaman who is a leper. Though he is powerful and wealthy, he can find no solution to his ailment. Material success means very little when one’s health is in jeopardy. In fact, there have been plenty of wealthy individuals who onContinue Reading