1. Focus on making doctrine the priority.The relationship between the disciple and the discipler will determine whether discipleship will take place or not; however, the ultimate goal of discipleship is to equip faithful believers with sound Biblical doctrine. Bible doctrine will always be centered around following Jesus.“And the things…” – 2Timothy 2:2
  2. Focus on maintaining a teacher and student relationship.There must be a disciple for it to be discipleship. This will normally happen one-on-one; however, it is possible to accomplish discipleship with two or three people, as long as there is only one teacher, and the rest are students. Discipleship is not simply a Bible study, or two individuals spending time together. It is focused on teachers pouring their lives and the Word of God into their students.“…that thou hast heard of me…” – 2 Timothy 2:2
  3. Focus on having accountability.Discipleship requires the close relationship between the disciple and the discipler. However, discipleship should not be carried out in isolation. There must be accountability from others who are able to witness the process, and identify the goals being accomplished.“…among many witnesses…” – 2Timothy 2:2
  4. Focus on teaching in a way that is repeatable.Present Biblical truth in a way that is simple to understand, and in a way that will be easy for your disciple to reproduce and present to their disciples.“…the same commit thou…” – 2Timothy 2:2
  5. Focus on discipling faithful believers.Discipleship is built upon a one disciple of Jesus entering into a relationship with another believer who has been found to be faithful. There must be some time to establish faithfulness, and discipleship cannot be fully applied to a new believer.“…to faithful men…” – 2Tim 2:2
  6. Focus on making disciples that are able to make more disciples.The reason we commit ‘these things’ unto faithful believers, is so that they can teach others to do the same. Your main goal is to make a disciple that will make more disciples.

“…who shall be able to teach others also.” – 2Timothy 2:2

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