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The Malawi Project

The tent can be any color. These are normally between $400-$800 depending on the size. This will be used for church services in villages that have no buildings.

Next Donation Drop Off Date is June 15 at 10AM

Acceptable Items for Donation

We are currently accepting donations for the Malawi Project on Saturday mornings between 10AM and 12PM and by appointment.

Children's Supplies

Shoes, shoelaces, hygiene products, light jackets, undergarments, shorts, shirts, pants, jeans, bath towels

School Supplies

Water bottles, backpacks, paper, pens, pencils, drawstring bags, ziplock bags, dictionaries, earners,etc.


Chain saw, ladder, chop she, drills and bits, tool boxes, multi-tools, jigsaw, grinder, miter saw, generator

Office & Medical Supplies

Batteries, laptops, paper, printers, ink, DVD players, pain relief, stomach pain meds, cold & allergy meds

Ministry Needs

Commentaries, Bible concordance, KJV Bibles, Bible covers/cases, blank DVDs, memory sticks


Bikes (full sized), stuffed animals, balls, toys, board games, outdoor games, dolls, trucks, cars

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drop off your donations

Join the Cause

You can not only donate your gently used items and purchase new items for the Passion Center for Children, you can give a tax deductible cash donation to help HOPE Baptist ship the container to Africa. The shipping costs approximately $15,000, your financial gift will make an eternal difference.