Do You Need Restoration?

There is a reason that God named this church HOPE. Without a doubt we are seeing the restoration power of God in this ministry.Our church family will help you through difficult times and restore the joy of your salvation in a real relationship with God. Just remember that no matter what you might feel, there is always hope in Jesus Christ.

Here are a few examples of what we have seen in the lives of people at HOPE in the past few months.

Community Prayer Day

Jake was a recovering addict and homeless US veteran. When we met him, he said “I’ve tried God and given up.” He had no interest in a relationship with Christ. Jake has been glorious saved and is living for the Lord. This is a photo of him helping us out with our neighborhood prayer event.



Liz was hurt by “church” in the past. She experienced judgment, manmade rules, and hypocrisy. She even said that she would never set foot in another Independent Baptist church! Liz has rediscovered the grace of God and feels the love of God abound at HOPE. She leads our Welcome Team ministry, sings in an ensemble on Sundays, and is actively involved in disciplining others.


Dawanna did not know the Lord and had basically rebelled against church. For years, her husband had tried to get her in church without success. Then one day, she met Pastor in the church parking lot, was invited to attend and in her first service she received Christ. Dawanna says that she is finally free.

You should see all what the Lord Jesus Christ is doing to restore lives at HOPE. Addicts are being delivered. Marriages are being restored. Parents and children have been reunited. Believers are finding hope again. Divorcees and single parents feel acceptance and love. Children running from God are turning back. It’s been amazing and we give God all the honor and glory for the great things He has done.