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Lesson One


Lesson Two

Eternal Security

Lesson Three

The Ordinances of the Church

Lesson Four

The Holy Spirit

Lesson Five

God's Holy Word

Lesson Seven

The Local Church

Lesson Eight

Other Christians

Lesson Nine

The Family of God

Lesson Ten

Dealing with Sin

Lesson Eleven

Liberty in Christ

Lesson Twelve

The Will of God

Lesson Fourteen

Money & Possessions

Lesson Fifteen

Job and Employer

Lesson Sixteen

The Lost World

Lesson Seventeen

The Judgment Seat

Lesson Eighteen

Next Steps

Training Videos

For those discipling believers, you can access our training videos for discipleship here.

About the discipleship program

The Goals

We want to help you fulfill the four key goals of discipleship to establish you in Worship, in the Word of God, in the Local Church, and in the Ministry… Read More  

The Priority

The ultimate priority in discipleship is to equip faithful believers with sound Biblical doctrine. There is no substitute for the authority of God’s word.

The Accountability

Discipleship requires a close relationship between the disciple and the discipler; and the disciple must be committed to complete the full course.

What Are People Saying

The commitment is definitely worth it!

Yulia N.

New Believer

I have been so blessed to learn from the Pastor's wife through the discipleship program. It has really impacted every part of my life.

Jake H.

Welcome Team

What a difference the Lord has made in my life in only one year. The discipleship program is such an inspiration and it is helping me to disciple others!