Conform to the image of christ

It is God’s intention for all Christians, regardless of their stage in life, background, or culture, to move forward in maturity and to be conformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

Study God's Word

We must, if we are going to be serious about discipleship, commit ourselves to a disciplined kind of life. That means doing things like praying, reading and memorizing Scripture, sharing our faith, and studying God’s Word.

On-going discipleship

We have the privilege of playing powerful roles in the journeys of our brothers and sisters. God intends not only that we have friends among believers, but that we are actively involved with someone who is discipling us and then someone we are discipling.

The Mission for Believers

Replication is the responsibility of every Christian. In other words, we were meant to be disciples who make disciples, who make disciples. God’s will for our lives is not only that we make converts, but that we make disciples.