Men’s Bible Study

Our Men’s Bible Study meets on Wednesday at 7pm. Our church dives deep into the Word of God to root every believer in there faith. This session is focused on Prayer. Live a Praying Life is a thirteen-week small group Bible study. The study goes back to the Biblical basics of prayer, debunking myths about prayer to inspire a powerful, ongoing connection to God that can invigorate every aspect of a Christian’s life. The study takes a detailed look at prayer’s purpose, process, promise, and practice. Author Jennifer Kennedy Dean tackles the complex theological questions such as:
  • If God is sovereign, why pray?
  • If prayer is not a way to change God’s mind, what is it?
  • How should we pray?
  • Who is the author of prayer?
  • How can you move from a “prayer life” to a “praying life?”
Cost is $11 for the Bible Study book.