Ministry Application for Members

Thank you for your interest and willingness to volunteer at HOPE Baptist! As a volunteer in any of our Children’s Ministries, Bible Study Leaders, or other forms of Ministry Leadership at HOPE Baptist a background check is required. Please click this link to fill out the Ministry Authorization Form.

Why do we run background checks?

  • CHILDREN’S SAFETY: Although we’d like to think that our children are completely safe with our volunteers, not everyone worshipping may have a clean record. And our goal is to ensure that our children are safe and protected in the ministry.
  • CHURCH’S REPUTATION: We have to do our research before opening up volunteer opportunities, our church and those serving could face unfair accusations or a damaged testimony. Conducting background checks and training everyone who serves will help to protect our ministry.
  • PARENTS’ PEACE OF MIND: We want our parents of children to know that we have done our homework to ensure that their kids are in safe hands, they’ll be able to focus on worship and want to come back.

LifeWay found that in their program, of the 142,000 background checks conducted by 7,700 churches since 2008, nearly half revealed a criminal offense, and 21% contained serious offenses including over 9,000 felonies.

God changes lives—including the lives of those who have a criminal record. But the church needs to actively seek out this information in order to keep predators away from children and protect the church community.


Insurance requires our church to repeat background checks every 12 months.


Each staff member and volunteer over the age of 18 goes through the background check process before they can serve.


The results are private and not privy to anyone other than the Pastor. We respect your privacy, digital records are secured with a password, and no hard copies are retained.

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