HOPE Around the World

HOPE Baptist Church is honored to be involved in global evangelism and local missions.

The heart of our church is to reach every person on Earth with the Gospel. In Romans 10:15, the apostle Paul identifies two important components of missions — those who “go” and those who “send.” HOPE and missionaries partner to complete the two components of that team that God uses to extend His kingdom worldwide.

HOPE collects financial gifts weekly that are then forwarded to the missionaries serving across the globe.  These gifts also enable us to be a part of special projects like construction of churches, food for orphans, medical care for the sick, and much more.  We have an annual Missions Conference to reflect on what God has called us to do and to self-examine how we are doing in fulfilling this purpose.

Missions Application
If you are a missionary or church planter, we would love to partner with you to be able to spread the Gospel further. You can complete our missions application we use in the support process.