Passion Center for Children

Yesterday the PCC staff dedicated and handed over two of the newly built Child-Headed Household homes to the Malaya and Severe families.

The ceremony was attended by chiefs from the two villages and other community leaders including Community Health Network (CHN) volunteers who have been instrumental in identifying and supporting these families. The guest of honor was the District Social Welfare Officer for Zomba.

PCC sends a special thank you to HOPE Baptist Church, for blessing these families with a home of their own!

Keep up the great work in Malawi and around the world HOPE Baptist through your tithes and offerings to support our mission partners like the Passion Center for Children.

Watch the boys receive their new home.

The second home built were for two girls in the village. Check out their story below.

These girls now have a safe dry place to live. Their school books will no longer get ruined from the rain. Even through all their struggles, these girls never gave up on God. We are so thankful for the PCC who loves and cares for the widows and orphans in Malawi.
Christina and Norah standing where the old house was, where their mother hung herself. The new house will be a fresh start, a new beginning for these beautiful girls.
The women on the left in the matching shirts are some of our Community Health Network (CHN) volunteers. They are our hands and feet in the villages. They go door-to-door and identify the needs in the villages and bring them to the attention of the Passion Center staff.
Christina (right) and Norah (middle) with their aunt standing outside the house they were living in with her family.
The Malaya girls lost their mother to suicide 8 years ago. Christina is 15 and Norah is 13, so the girls were young when she died, but old enough to remember. The father abandoned the girls and remarried somewhere far away from the girls. When the mother passed, the family tore down the house which the parents had left to the girls, because of the negativity associated with it. The donations from HOPE Baptist enabled these girls to receive the keys to their new house yesterday.

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