Planning to Return or Visit?
Text and let us know.

Preparing the Church

To be safe, we will deep clean and disinfect all surfaces.  Our doors will be propped open to prevent the spreading of germs. Our nursery will remain closed, parents keep your children close. Seating is available for individuals and families and will be spread out by at least 6-feet. We can fit about 50 people in each service and maintain social distancing.  Restrooms will be sanitized after each use.

Individual Responsibilities

Take your temperature before you leave home. Apply hand sanitizer in the car when you arrive and before you enter the building. Wear a mask into service. Keep your distance from other members. Greet with a wave and a smile (this is hard for the huggers… we know!) 

Not Sure What to Do

Many people who are unsure if they are ready to return usually have a reason for the doubt. We would encourage you to pray for God’s guidance and return if you have peace and are healthy, or you are not “at risk or the primary caregiver of a person with a weak immune system. If you are sick, stay home for your sake and the well-being of others.

When Church Feels Like Home

With the whole world turned upside down, nothing could be more stabilizing in our lives than the Word of God and fellowship of Believers. Please join us for worship service on Sundays at 11AM
at HOPE and online on Wednesdays at 7PM.
Pastor & Christine
Servants of The Lord Jesus Christ