Marriage Conference – June 8-9

Why Come to this Conference

“Marriage can be energizing and blissful, but it can also be dull and/or difficult. Take it from me, we have been (and are currently) blissful, but we almost fell apart a few years ago. I had fallen out of love with my husband. It happens sometimes, but we have learned that it is never too late to restore a broken relationship.” Christine G.

The divorce rate is still rising and even in the Christian community we witness the promises to love, to cherish, and to death-do-us-part come crashing down when two people who were once deeply in-love find themselves at odds or in a state of pure apathy. What is the reason? You will find out at this conference many of the root causes for marriages that get to this point and you’ll learn how to turn them around.

You are not going to be taught how to survive the day to day challenges of marriage; you will learn how to have a thriving marriage; and how to take an already strong marriage to the next level!  To thrive as a couple, you must understand several key things about the dynamics of the relationship, and most importantly, God’s part in your marriage.

This conference will not be a large group counseling session or small group discussion. You won’t be asked to share intimate details of your relationship with anyone. You won’t separate by gender or have to listen to anyone gripe about things that their spouse does or doesn’t do. This is a God-centered conference! You will receive the truth of the Word side by side with your spouse. You will gain the knowledge needed to fulfill the mission of your marriage and walk away knowing how you can apply this to have a thriving marriage. You will learn about the key to feeling loved and respected each and every day.

This will be a powerful investment in your relationship. We encourage every couple that wants to strengthen their marriage to attend this conference.

What’s the Plan

The conference will be held at HOPE Baptist Church at 101 Stallings Road in Matthews, NC. We will start Friday afternoon at 3PM. We will break for a catered dinner at 6PM (this is what your $25 covers) and we return to the conference from 7:30PM to about 9:30PM. Saturday starts at 9:30AM, lunch is from 12:00PM to 1:30PM, and conference will finish by 5PM.

Everyone is Welcome

This event is open to the public. We have room for about 30-40 couples. Other churches are welcome to attend.

Cost is $25/couple.

Our Speaker

Pastor Mark Trotter from One Baptist in Douglasville, GA. will be our guest speaker. He is a loving father and grandfather and has been happily married for 39 years to his wife Sherry. Mark is an accomplished writer, speaker, and pastor who is completely sold out for the Lord. He is an astute student of the Word and has published several devotionals and Bible studies online; some of his work includes #WordStrong, 52 Weeks of Pursuit, and Trust me, you want to see this man teach the Word, it is undeniably moving!

Reserve Your Spots Today

Marriage Conference

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