Dishonor & Destruction

The kingdom of Israel is spiraling out of control as Baasha now reigns. He is a horrible man who not only killed Nadab Jeroboam’s son, but the entire family. He rules with fear and leads the nation further into sin.

God sends a prophet named Ahu to warn Baasha of the coming judgement of God. After Baasha’s death, his son Elah takes the helm and continues to steer Israel away from God. Just two years later one of Elah’s men slaughters him and all his friends and family. This man’s name is Zimri.

Zimri fans the flames of sin amongst the people and seven days later, the kingdom splits further. War breaks out and the reign passes to Omri who was captain of the army.

Omri rules for twelve years continuing to dishonor God and his son Ahab then becomes king of Israel. Along with his wife Jezebel they rule for twenty two years and are the worst of the five dynasties we have seen.

The evils we have seen were prophesied by God and allowed as punishment for the sin the nation had fallen into. It started with Solomon’s slip and has now brought the nation to a pit of debauchery and despair.

God is forgiving, but He is also just. He is not one to be taken for granted or mocked. We must keep this in mind in our own lives and use it as motivation to reach the lost. Praise the Lord through the power of the cross, He can forgive and forget our sin.

Let’s warn the world of His judgement, but also assure them of His love which has overcome the world!

1 Kings 16