The lineage of the priests and Levites is listed for us here in chapter 6. This genealogy is extremely important as the standing of these men of God and their service were directly related to their ancestral record. It was by birthright that the office of the priest was filled.Continue Reading

This opening chapter gives us a genealogy starting with Adam and following many of his descendants through time. We see Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and many more as the foundation of God’s faithfulness is established. These precise genealogies are intended to not only track specific lineages, but also display theContinue Reading

Three years after Ahab’s “repentance” he reaches out to king Jehoshaphat of Judah asking him to join forces against Syria. Jehoshaphat is a God fearing man who agrees, but asks for confirmation from God before taking action. So Ahab gathers his prophets who tell him what he wants to hearContinue Reading

There was a good man of Samaria named Naboth who had a vineyard next to king Ahab’s palace. The king coveted this land and tried to negotiate for it, Naboth would not budge. This was family land with great sentimental value. Upon concluding that there was no hope in gettingContinue Reading

The kingdom of Israel is spiraling out of control as Baasha now reigns. He is a horrible man who not only killed Nadab Jeroboam’s son, but the entire family. He rules with fear and leads the nation further into sin. God sends a prophet named Ahu to warn Baasha ofContinue Reading

Here in chapter fifteen we get a glimpse of how tumultuous the kingdom is. Jeroboam rules most of Israel and Judah is being led by David’s great-grandson Abijam who is not really following God. Though victorious in battle over Jeroboam his reign is short, a mere three years and thenContinue Reading

As Israel slips further into idolatry being led by Jeroboam, his son gets deathly ill. In response Jeroboam thinks back to a man of God named Ahijah that prophesied of his becoming king. How interesting that this man who had no time for Jehovah God seeks Him when tragedy strikes.Continue Reading

Solomon is dead and his son Rehoboam has ascended to the throne. There is unrest in the kingdom and Rehoboam must decide how to handle it. The people have asked that he reduce the burdens his father had placed upon the people (taxes, labor, etc.). In order to make hisContinue Reading